smart directions are aeo certified

We are AEO Certified. What are the benefits of AEO Certification?

In December 2020, we announced that Smart Directions were AEO Certified – becoming an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Why? Well, besides being another string to our bow, AEO certification demonstrates that our role within the international supply chain is secure and that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. Yes, we’re a safe Read More

ukraine conflict airfreight

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is Driving up Air Freight Costs

Whether you call it a special military operation or war, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is driving up air cargo costs and impacting everyone. Just when air freight was recovering from the pandemic, it is now struggling with the impact of sanctions locking Russian planes out of Europe and North America. As a result, American and Read More

cross trade

With air freight’s rising costs and delays, have you considered cross trade shipping?

As Covid restrictions are eased and, in some cases, removed entirely, businesses are opening once more and we want to discuss something called Cross trade shipping. The inevitable demand for air freight has caught the industry off guard as the number of available aircraft is not keeping pace with the demand. With space at a Read More

rising shipping costs

Rising Shipping Costs an Rising Container Costs: Where Have All the Containers Gone?

Freight shipping is in the midst of a perfect storm, rising shipping costs and rising container costs. A global pandemic, soaring demand, a shortage of containers, saturated ports, too few ships and dock workers have led to a worldwide container shortage creating a crisis that’s being felt along the entire supply chain along with rising Read More