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When it comes to the complex nature of customs clearance for imports and exports, attention to detail is everything. Thankfully, our industry-leading Customs Broker here at Smart Directions has over 40 years’ experience in the freight forwarding industry. So, no matter where you’re importing to or exporting from, we’ll help you stay one step ahead of your customs obligations at every stage.

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Authorised Economic Operator

For you, using an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) means more efficient transportation between borders. As the UK begins its solo trading journey, our AEO status identifies us as a safe pair of hands operating under efficient and compliant customs control procedures. That means, while other businesses become entangled in red tape resulting in delays, you will benefit from rigorous security and priority clearance. Your consignments will be ‘fast-tracked’ through customs clearance due to fewer physical and document checks at borders.

Tariff Classification

From a financial perspective, tariff classification is hugely important to get right for businesses that trade internationally. It influences import duties, excise duties, preferential duties, import VAT, and import and export restrictions. However, making a mistake with your documentation may result in your business unnecessarily having to pay substantial costs. At Smart Directions, our Customs Broker will prepare accurate customs declarations on your behalf to ensure you won’t experience any surprises with your imports or exports.

Import Duty Rates

Import duty rates are assessed by the value of goods coming into any given country. But, there are some other costs used in the final calculation of import duty rates too, including freight and insurance, depending on the terms of sale. Thankfully, there is potential to get relief on import duties as well as other beneficial options available for businesses importing goods from outside the EU. With the assistance of our seasoned customs expert, you’ll receive the maximum financial relief possible on import duties into the UK and avoid unnecessary delays.

Chamber of Commerce Documentation

There’s a whole host of essential documentation that you need in place when shipping goods overseas. Documentation of this kind is complex and there are a number of different types depending on the circumstances at hand, such as EC and Arab-British Certificates and EUR1 and A.TR Movement Certificates. We’ll assist your business to accurately complete these export documents, reducing unwanted customs clearance delays and charges.

Brexit and Export Advisory Services

With potential changes to tariffs as a result of Brexit and that of ongoing international tensions, it makes sense to remain proactive rather than reactive. At Smart Directions, our customs broker has a wealth of valuable industry knowledge that enables them to provide considered and insightful advice on how best to navigate the road ahead for your business.

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If you’d like to learn more about how Smart Directions is already helping businesses deal with tariff classification and the Brexit uncertainty, please visit the Brexit page now. Or, take a look at our Smart Directions News page to stay up to date with the latest Brexit and logistics-related news.

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