Dodge the public holiday delay

Doing business with other countries requires adapting to cope with many things – a different language, perhaps, and a different culture. Some countries are famous for being easy to do business with, others more opaque. Some will absolutely keep their promises, others are a little more fluid when it comes to adhering to commitments made.

Throw into this mix the fact few countries around the world have exactly the same public holidays, and doing business across borders can become far more complex. Shipping international consignments requires knowing when local offices will be closed, in order to avoid delays in shipment.

Top of the league for public holidays is Sri Lanka, where the population enjoys no less than 25 public holidays through the year. India is second in the league table, with 21, while a further dozen countries have 15 or more days away from work annually.

Even in Europe, many countries have more public holidays than the UK’s relatively modest tally of 8. Italy, Denmark and France have 11 days off, while Austria, Belgium and Norway enjoy 13 official breaks.

Some national holidays are observed strongly, with most businesses stopping for the day, while others are a more free form affair, with companies perhaps choosing to work if they wish, and they can persuade their staff to come to work. Some countries, even those within Europe, have national holidays on a midweek day, such as a Thursday, with the result that many of the locals will take the Friday off, too.

What does all this matter, if you are organising a shipment of goods from one country to another? It can have a big impact should your goods normally go by truck for part of their journey.

So, to avoid hold-ups along the way, it is necessary to plan ahead. Alternatively, use a reliable freight management provider, whose responsibility it is to know that Belgian National Day is on July 21, or that Bastille Day is on July 14. Otherwise, you could be left wondering why your emails and phone calls are going unanswered – and your shipment is not going to turn up when you thought it would!

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