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No matter where your UK to China consignment is headed, its security will always remain our highest priority. But, we also understand that keeping your costs as low as possible is also extremely important. So, we’ve designed our air shipping to China service in a way that keeps your consignment secure at all times for the most competitive rates on the market.

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Stay fully informed on your consignment at every stage

We know how vital it is for your peace of mind to have total visibility of your shipment at every stage of its journey. With Smart Directions, you’ll have access to an up-to-date tracking portal that will keep you fully informed on your shipment’s progress. But, we can also send you email updates and alerts about your air shipping if you prefer.

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We’ve teamed up with DHL for air freight to China

Keeping your operations moving along in the most optimal way possible is what our team at Smart Directions do best. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve teamed up with DHL to ensure your air shipping to china is as fast and reliable as while also keeping costs as low as we can. But, to make your operations even more straightforward, we also offer a deferment account for all shipping to China. So, no matter what you have planned for one-off or regular shipments, we’ll help to drive you towards success in partnership with DHL.

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Our highly experienced in-house customs broker is here to assist you

No matter where you ship to, you need to make sure all of your obligations are taken care of ahead of time. This is crucial for ensuring that customs clearance is as smooth and delay-free as possible. At Smart Directions, we have a highly experienced customs broker at your disposal for anything related with UK to China shipping, including Tariff Classification, Import Duty Rates, and more.

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