Fuel Surcharge

For up-to-date fuel surcharges, please see our booking screen.


Size & Weight Restrictions

As the size a package occupies on an aircraft can affect costs aside from weight, we measure for volumetric weight. For Time Definite, Day Definite and international same-day dispatch, the conversion factor is 5000 (cm). For economy, the conversion factor is 4000. To calculate your volumetric weight, you must add the length x width x height /5000, or /4000 (economy).

The maximum girth for express shipments is 330cm (129.92in). Sending shipments that exceed 330cm can be arranged if needed however. In this case, please call us for a quote.


Restricted Goods

Dependent on destination and other factors, some goods may not be acceptable for carriage using standard services, These include things such as Alcohol, Cosmetics, Dry Ice, Lithium Batteries, Personal Effects, and Pharmaceuticals.

Arrangements can be made to ship such items using our Special Services. Should this be of interest to you, please contact us for further details.

Other items also carry restrictions but, again can in some instances be accommodated through special services. Please call for further details in respect of Antiques, Blank Travelers’ Cheques, Bonds, Bullion & Cash/Currency, Cut Flowers, Dangerous Goods, Firearms / Weapons, Foodstuffs, Glass, Human Remains, Ivory, Jewelry, Liquids, Livestock, Negotiable Stocks, Perishables, Plants, Pornography, Precious Stones, Seeds, Shipside Spares, Works of Art.

Note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to declare all goods accurately. Smart Directions cannot be held responsible for restricted or prohibited items.



Additional liability cover can be arranged for most shipments, and is usually based on the value of goods shipped. Insurance must be arranged in advance and we would be happy to provide a quotation and confirm the level of cover in advance.


Customs, Duties & Taxes

Whilst all goods are subject to Customs inspection, some goods are also subject to entry charges or taxes which are variable dependent on destination, value and the specific nature of the goods shipped. These charges are usually payable by the receiver (consignee) – although arrangements can be made for the sender (consignor) to pay these charges. You will need to contact us in advance to make such arrangements.

Whilst Smart Directions are happy to act on your behalf and assist Customs in managing your shipments, they are not liable for, or able to control, the levels of duties & taxes levied.


Commodity Code Classification

All items have a unique Commodity Code which, when supplied to Customs, can assist in speeding up the clearance process if properly declared on export paperwork.

To find the appropriate Commodity Code for your goods, go to https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff and follow the on-screen instructions.


Quotations & Tariffs

All quotations or tariffs provided are exclusive of VAT, surcharges and Duties & Taxes if applicable. Wherever possible weight discrepancies will be advised to you prior to invoicing, as will volumetric weight discrepancies. Smart Directions cannot be held responsible should notification not take place.


Transit Times

All transit times are based on delivery to major centres, and also cannot include additional time taken for Customs Clearance, or delays caused by weather or technical issues.

All special conditions i.e. timed services or additional liability requirements must be confirmed in advance. Additional charges may apply.


*For anything not covered here, please get in touch via phone or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.