International customs clearance challenges

The world has become a small place, with internet-based business platforms making it easy to instantly place an order online. Payment, too, can often be arranged digitally via business banking online, whatever the currency. Avoid the challenge of international customs clearance with Smart Directions.

But there’s one major issue that can catch the unwary out, and that is international customs clearance charges. Many countries around the world have rules and regulations about the importation of goods. These can cover quality, design and other issues such as prohibited items, but the one that can prove costly for many organisations, is customs tariffs.

Countries around the globe charge tariffs on a wide variety of goods imported into their territory. Some may have been set to protect domestic industries, or simply to help provide a useful source of additional government tax. Tariffs may be set according to the type of goods, and the country of origin – and there are plenty of different rates set. And it is the responsibility of the importer, or buyer, of the goods, to pay the appropriate amount that is levied by the government of the destination country.

The issue of trade tariffs is currently one vexing politicians and bureaucrats, as they wrestle with Brexit negotiations. Those talks could affect future customs and import rates, but for now any company ordering goods from overseas needs to be aware of current rates. Fail to ensure duties are paid, and goods can be held up in transit – an expensive headache, with additional costs and delayed deliveries.

One of the best ways to ensure you know where you stand on International customs clearance tariffs, is to arrange shipping through an experienced provider who is familiar with the process of international importation. They will know how and where to register goods from overseas destined for your factory gate, and can ensure that all the relevant paperwork is completed and lodged with the necessary authorities.

With costs such as import tariffs clear from the outset, then those amounts can be paid in a timely fashion, helping to ensure that shipping hold-ups are minimised. That way, containers of goods can move swiftly from source to port, and from destination port to your door, without being stopped for additional inspections. As is so often the case, the modest costs of using a professional to help, will be more than outweighed by the saving in time and hassle that results.

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