Book Shipments

A bespoke, dynamic booking screen will be tailor-made to specifically match your requirements. This includes an in-built prompt to ensure accurate shipping details, and the ability to check and amend any time prior to collection, giving an added level of flexibility while keeping fuss to a minimum!

Driver Manifests

Proof of shipment is essential, so before handing goods over to a fleet of drivers, you have the ability to produce a daily manifest listing total number of shipments, items and weight, which will be signed ‘as received’, and left for you to keep and refer back to in the rare case of discrepancies.

Reports, Billing & Invoices

Access a range of reports at any time with a number of criteria available from date, destination or costs.

Online Quotations

By using our straightforward online quote service, you can confirm your costs in advance and better ensure accurate budgeting throughout the year.

Airway Bills, Labels & Commercial Invoices

Once a shipment is booked, you can print the airway bills, labels and commercial invoices (where necessary), safe in the knowledge that again, these can be amended or re-printed at any time.

Track & Trace

With integrated links to our partner’s IT networks, real-time tracking updates are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of time zone or destination. This comprehensive and dynamic approach to customer service ensures that you retain maximum control of your shipments with the minimum of fuss, and without the need for long periods ‘on hold’ or listening to corporate messages.

Pro-Active Proof of Delivery

Use our system’s in-built option to request automated proof of delivery immediately when your goods are delivered. Our system does the work so that you don’t have to!

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We provide a full training programme

Full training programmes are given for individuals and groups, ensuring you have the maximum functionality at hand to help you control your business efficiently and accurately, avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls or nasty surprises.

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