Optimising Logistics Management in 2020: Part Two – Developing a Lean Supply Chain

Developing a lean supply chain depends on your business’ ability to adapt to the changing world around you and optimise your logistics strategy wherever possible. Ultimately, it’s all about reducing waste: whether the waste be excess packaging, unnecessary costs, or delays to your imports and exports. Being sloppy with your logistics and supply chain management Read More

How to Optimise Logistics Management in 2020

The number of businesses that depend on a seamless logistics management strategy is endless. But, while this seems an obvious statement to make, it’s often surprising how many businesses neglect this vital aspect of their day-to-day operations. There’s always room to improve your supply chain process and this will almost always result in cost reductions Read More

Coronavirus and UK Export – What’s the Impact?

According to British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) forecast released on March 17, it remains highly likely that the UK’s GDP growth will be reduced from 1% to 0.8% in 2020 – making it the weakest year of growth since 1992. However, in an effort to stabilise the economy during the coronavirus outbreak, the UK Government Read More

The Brexit Latest – The UK’s Approach for 2020 and Beyond

A lot has already happened in 2020 in regard to Brexit and the new transition period as well as the UK Government’s approach to future negotiations. There is, unfortunately, still a reasonable amount of uncertainty for businesses, but at least a workable path forward is starting to form. For the majority of businesses across the Read More

UK Exports Hit Record Levels in 2018/2019

Is your business prepared to deal with the increasing competition for haulage experts dealing with UK exports? Learn more with Smart Directions. According to the recent UK exports statistics released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on 10th May, UK firms have exceeded expectations by producing a record-breaking year in overseas sales for the Read More