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Brexit News and The UK Government’s Latest advice

3 Measures Your Business Needs to Action In a December Brexit news communication from HMRC’s Deputy Chief Executive, Jim Hara, it’s been made explicitly clear that the UK will be leaving the European Union at 11pm on 29 March 2019. While this shouldn’t come as a terrible surprise, businesses have been left in a great Read more…

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Holiday shipping – not just suitcases – Global Logistics

Many of us like to have our belongings with us, wherever we stay. For some of us, that means taking treasured items with us, on a two week holiday break. But for those who live a different lifestyle, or are perhaps retired, shipping your belongings can mean something completely different, with completely different global logistics Read more…

UK and Europe delivery

UK and Europe delivery

One consequence of living so close together, is that our transport infrastructure is well developed. And that means UK and Europe delivery is often relatively easy, and can be fast too. Step aside one moment from complaints about hold-ups on the M25 motorway, and take a broader look. It’s true, our motorway network, plus massive Read more…