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When bad weather delays delivery

Whether it’s a snow storm blowing in from Siberia, seasonal flooding or a heatwave that melts the roads, we’re never far away from a “weather event”. And each one has the potential to upset your logistics plans. Your uk logistics service partner will be prepared for such events.

Media images of jack-knifed lorries, or vans stalled after driving through a puddle that was way too deep for them, may be entertaining – but every such incident has an impact on someone’s business. The trick is to ensure that it is not having a major impact on your business activities.

What’s the best way to do this? Keep an eye out for any weather that is out of the ordinary, even if it is not just in your area of the UK. What consequences could it have for your business, considering where you are shipping goods from, and where you are sending them to. And, if you see anything that might concern you, ask your uk logistics service provider. They will, in any case, be keeping their own eyes out for any potentially disruptive impact on the supply chains they manage.

Planning ahead means there is less need to panic, if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Lorry deliveries can be badly impacted by snow storms, very windy weather and flooding. If lorries need to travel more slowly, they will not reach planned destinations at the expected time. Likewise, if they need to take detours to avoid high bridges, that adds mileage and time to the trip. And, with legislation restricting the total hours a driver can drive, then your delivery could easily turn up a day or more late.

Being prepared for this means you are not in a situation where panic sets in, or you try to make unreasonable demands of a shipping company. Lorry drivers have a right not to put their lives at risk on the roads, simply to get your goods to you at the time you wanted them. Perhaps consider holding a little more stock, or calling deliveries a few days early, if you see the potential for a period of disruption.

Bad weather can also affect air freight. If an airport has to shut down due to poor weather, or flights are delayed due to high winds, then it is inevitable that flights will be delayed, and consignments of goods may arrive later than planned. Many logistics specialists have some flexibility built into schedules, but there are limits to the delays they can overcome.

Likewise, even large container ships can suffer from weather events. Storms on the ocean can affect their passage and speed, while once near land, bad weather can delay docking at port, and the safe unloading of containers onto the dockside.

So, next time you watch the weather forecast, do so with a wider view than just what’s happening in your area – it could be important for your business!

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