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Air Freight Experts. What travels by plane?

Your local supermarket probably features blueberries from Peru, grapes from Egypt and green beans from central Africa. But few consumers give a thought to how such a wide variety of fresh fruit is available year-round. Smart Directions are Air Freight Experts, so we wanted to give you an idea of what is involved.

Yet the truth is, it is only thanks to highly efficient air freight, that such a broad range of produce can appear on the supermarket shelf, every week. Air freight is a largely hidden business, despite the fact that many large passenger aircraft will be carrying freight directly beneath passengers’ feet.

Air freight is a highly fast and efficient way of transporting goods around the globe. But due to the cost involved, it is only cost-effective to for goods of higher value, larger volume and lower weight. Air freight is reckoned to account for just 05.% of UK goods shipped, by weight, yet measure that freight by value and it accounts for around a quarter of international goods moved. It is always best to deal with air freight experts to make sure you are shipping your goods the mopst cost effective way.

Due to the expense of going by air, larger, heavier items are more likely to be transported by sea. But for perishable foods, high value items that need to be there fast, or light, bulky items, air freight is often a viable solution. And, of course, there are some types of products, such as more dangerous chemicals or items that react badly to changes in pressure, that will not be allowed onto an aircraft.

Almost two thirds of air freight travels under the floor of passenger aircraft. However, at any large airport such as Heathrow or Schiphol, it is possible to see dedicated freight aircraft – distinguished by having all their windows blanked out. Some airlines also use “combi” aircraft, where part of the main deck is used for passengers, and part for freight. A typical passenger Boeing 747 jumbo jet can carry around 150 cubic metres of freight, as well as more than 400 passengers.

A number of international shipping groups run their own airstrips, adjacent to sorting centres that can deliver next-day shipping of smaller packages, across much of the globe. These companies will usually run their own freight-only aircraft to specific schedules, ensuring for example that packages collected in the UK from clients during the day, can then be on an aircraft overnight to the USA, for delivery to major cities the next working day.

Of course, the speed of air freight is worth nothing, if goods then get held up by customs or inspection teams during shipment. So it is well worth using a logistics specialist to ensure that paperwork is in order, and any duties are paid, to be sure that goods will not be stopped in transit. They will also be able to advise on the most economical route for air freight to take – sometimes, the most direct route may not be the most cost-effective.

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